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a picture community dedicated to the band DéspairsRay

Déspairs Daily
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A picture-community dedicated to DéspairsRay
This is a picture community dedicated to the band DéspairsRay.

Please follow the rules below and enjoy yourselves.
+ Every post must contain a picture.
+ The pictures can be either full band or single members, as long as they're related to DéspairsRay. Cross photoshoots with other bands are allowed, too. But please don't post any pictures from their blogs!
+ No graphics (icons, colorbars, wallpaper, fanart, etc.) - this community is for scans/screencaps/pictures.
+ If you post more than one picture, use an LJ-Cut.
+ No direct linking. Upload pictures from your own computer. Photobucket for instance gives a free upload account. See also Imageshack or Tinypic.
+ If you don't know how to post a picture, here you can read all about it.
+ Tag your posts with the name of the magazine scans, translation - categorize your post like that.
+ Do not repost scans from this community to anywhere else unless you have asked the person who scanned them for permission.
+ Make sure you have posting permission from the place/person you are taking the pictures from if they are not your own.
+ No flaming - be nice, yes?

If any post goes against the rules, it will be deleted.
Mods reserve the rights to delete posts and ban users if they decide to repeatedly break the rules. Also they reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

This is the only warning you'll get. You know the rules, so stick to them.
Thank you.
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